Mesajul Pastorului Leonard Semenea la cea dea 46-a Conventie, a bisericilor romane din SUA si Canada:‏

Leonard Semenea pastorPresenting you, Romans 12, a few key elements that count. You know, before I go to the key elements that count, I need to say that in our churches, and I’m specifically speaking to my generation and my context, which is your context, choir and bands and your context audience, and most of you who are watching online’s context. To actually understand, and I want you to hear this with all fear of the Lord, to actually understand the Gospel. To actually hear the voice of Jesus Christ, „it has to be in a language that you understand.

You know, two Easters ago in Seattle, our senior Pastor, brother Vasile organized a special Easter service. And you guys all remember the Licurici (the church children’s). I think you guys are gonna see them, tomorrow morning at this convention. They did a fantastic job, and they sang beautifully. Guess what language they sang, in Romanian. And, batranii se coteau (older folks nudged each others elbows). Ai vazut ca vorbeste romaneste? “Did you see that they can speak romanian?” “Ai vazut ca intelege romaneste?” “Did you see, that they do understand romanian?” And then, our senior pastor was inspired and wise and said, “Dragi tineri si drag batrani, eii acum ne-au cantat noua ca sa-i putem intelege noi. Acuma o sa li se predice in limba engleza, ca sa ne inteleaga ei.” (Dear youth and older folk, the kids sang to us in Romanian, so we can understand them. Now we will preach to them in English, so they can understand us.”) It was well said. Don’t you think it’s time, maybe in 2014, when we start to make more of a transition? So that our kids understand the Gospel? So that our kids can receive forensic righteousness? And so our kids can really understand, how to work out their salvation in fear and trembling? Because the kingdom of God is not english or romanian, dear friends. It’s righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. And these are multilingual. Romanian American Youth. Well said brother Leonard, Thank You And God bless you.

RPC 2014, mesajul pastorului Leonard Semenea from credotv on Vimeo.


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